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The Backstory


"The Birth of The Ultimate Daddy Daughter Experience"

In 2011, three Dallas, Texas based fathers, who are also best friends, and their daughters traveled to Nassau, Bahamas to enjoy fun in the sun and bonding with their daughters. Their goal was to create an opportunity where they could pour into their girls through positive family experiences, pampering, activities and empowerment sessions that would stay with them for a lifetime. Over time, this small group of three dads and their daughters grew and expanded, year after year.

The Dallas dads’ initial intentions were to strengthen their relationships with their daughters, bolster self-esteem, create memories and in some cases, to give mom a break!

Over years their vision, and ultimately their group has expanded to include “Daddy/Daughter” pairings of all ages and various backgrounds. Lalanii wanted to produce a 3-day event where attendees would return with not only sun-kissed skin but renewed spirits, greater communication, a stronger connection, tons of cool photos and souvenirs for loved ones back home.

Powered by her company Mogul 24/7, Lalanii, a business mogul and VIP event planner, joined forces with powerhouse public relations and communications strategist, Kayla Tucker Adams of KTA Media Group, and branding/event production guru, Trea Davenport of Trea Day, LLC to produce what is now known as The Ultimate Daddy Daughter Experience!

Now, families from across the United States and abroad can partake in the magic of The Ultimate Daddy Daughter Experience!

Lalanii Wilson Jones was invited to join the daddy-daughter crew by the three originators, her brothers, as they knew that her daughter's dad was deceased. They recognized the value of her daughter still being able to participate and spoke to the importance of family and friends standing in the gap and stepping up as father-figures.

Lalanii was so inspired by the occasion that it became a staple annual trip. She even brought her own father along for the daddy-daughter bonding experience! Even though she was as an adult daughter there with her dad, she found the time with her father to be priceless. As she began to share experience with others, she knew that this was something special and decided to create an opportunity to replicate this “Daddy Daughter Magic” for others to enjoy.

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